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Are you exhausted and can't make time to study? Do you feel trapped because you are always busy and you have no time for friends? Are you frustrated because no matter how hard you try your GRADES keep FALLING.

In fact, you are not alone. Distractions and demands are at an all-time high, and study techniques alone won't lead to success. It is key to understand how your personality affects your learning process to be able to become a better student.

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#1 STOP procrastinating

Students procrastinate because the tasks in front of them seem overwhelming, which leaves them feeling unmotivated and exhausted. We've discovered that students take immediate action when the starting point is clear and the steps are scheduled.

You'll learn to accomplish even the biggest task in small attainable steps.

#1 STOP procrastinating
#2 STOP the madness now

Unfinished "lists to do" leave students with a constant feeling of failure. This contributes to high stress levels, loss of motivation and increased dissatisfaction. We found that adding perspective to the items on a list reduces stress and increases motivation.

You'll learn to attain and keep balance in your life.

#2 STOP the madness now
#3 STOP falling behind

With everything that a student has to do, it is easy to fall behind. Giving up on friends and fun to catch up only leads to fights and unhappiness. Eventually students end up too far behind to make the effort and the only way to get back on track is summer school. We've learned that when students identify their time-wasters, they become motivated to schedule their study time and stay on track at school.

You'll learn to prepare for classes and keep your projects on schedule.

#3 STOP falling behind

I really liked learning my personality type because it made it easy for me to understand why I was procrastinating. I also like learning how to schedule time, because I have time, but don't use it well.

—Andrea Dearnly

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I highly recommend this course to any student who is feeling overwhelmed by trying to balance their studies with a social life. Even if you are on a shoestring budget, it's worth spending money on this course.

—Tammi Lyon, IB Secondary Teacher

I really liked the tool that showed me where I am compared to where I want to be; it helped me think about my personal progress for subjects. Great effective method to organizing time in my busy student lifestyle. What I appreciated the most was that the course was specifically tailored to students.

—Imraan Juma

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Productivity Mastery includes:

The Get it Done Schedule

Makes it easy to maximize your time

Goal Setting Tools

Create the actions steps to meet your goals

The Everything List

Find what motivates you

Productivity Mastery <span>includes:</span>
Perspective Tool

Lower your stress and get organized

Road Map Tool

Identify where you are and where you need to be

Personality Analysis

Find out what gets in the way for you

It was great to see that the course material recognizes that everyone works differently. Learning my personality type was the best part of the course.

—Emma Ashby

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